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SRH hosted Fair Trade Stadt Hamburg Workshop

International students from the SRH Campus Hamburg are taking part in this year's competition.

Prof. Dr. Cordelia Friesendorf of SRH Campus Hamburg hosted Christine Priessner’s workshop on Fair-Trade Stadt Hamburg as part of the ‘Hamburg Mach Dich Fair’ University Contest 2022 conducted annually in Hamburg.  SRH Campus Hamburg’s students in the program Master of Arts International Business and Leadership are participating in this year’S contest conducted by the City of Hamburg in coordination with Innovation Kontakt Stelle (IKS) and organized by Katharina Keienburg and Christine Prießner of Fair-Trade Stadt Hamburg. This cooperation aims to make public and private companies in Hamburg conscious about the need for fair practices, especially in international trade, and thereon take action to ensure fair dealings in importing of raw materials and goods.

In her workshop, Christine Priessner narrated that Hamburg carried the title ‘Fairtrade-Town’ since 2011 for which the city required to comply on specific conditions that included the conversion and integration of restaurant and retail products into fair-trade verified goods when produced in Hamburg. In the case of the project partnership of SRH Campus Hamburg, she specifically highlighted the case of cocoa that is produced in regions where small farmers or landowners get paid a wage or price that is not proportionate to the relatively high prices end-customers in Germany would pay for chocolate. Christine Priessner raised awareness on the supply chain of cocoa and highlighted the gross difference between the millions of farmers who get an unfair wage or price as compared to the millions of consumers who could thereby afford chocolate at relatively cheaper prices.

Human rights and environmental protection were furthermore achievable goals by complying with Fair Trade Practices, which similar to ESG, are charted out by the UN’S SDGs. All of which fit nicely into SRH Campus Hamburg’s programs, curricula, projects, company, and government cooperation. We thank Christine Priessner, Katharina Keienburg, Catharina Wind and Jan Schewa for their efforts in this project!

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