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Various trading and logistics companies, growing medium-sized businesses, global corporations, and innovative start-ups: The job market offers countless opportunities, in Hamburg and beyond.

With your study at SRH Campus Hamburg

Taking off internationally

It’s no wonder Hamburg is often called the gateway to the world. Every year around 13,000 ships from all over the globe call at its port, the third largest in Europe. Hamburg is the most important foreign trade centre in Germany and one of the continent’s leading import and export hubs. After graduating from SRH Campus Hamburg you'll find excellent opportunities to build an international career. We'll prepare you for professional success anywhere in the world. Project-based work during your studies will allow you to establish contacts with companies, leading to excellent career prospects.

Perfectly prepared for your career

Our degree programmes at SRH Campus Hamburg will equip you for the professional world. When you step into the working environment after receiving your Bachelor's or Master's degree, you'll benefit greatly from everything our programmes offer:

  • Practical experience: With internships, workshops, company visits and a network of various players in the working environment, you'll know exactly what to expect after graduation.
  • Foreign languages: Most of our study programmes are taught in English, allowing you to foster your skills in the most important business language of the global economy. We also offer language classes in e.g. Chinese or Spanish.
  • Stays abroad: While some of our degree programmes include a mandatory semester or internship abroad, others are optional. Semesters abroad allow you to see different parts of the world during your studies, to make new contacts and to get to know the professional world in other countries.
Wanted: Young professionals with qualifications

Young professionals with qualifications are especially sought after in IT, media, retail, logistics and renewable energy sectors. With a degree programme at SRH Campus Hamburg, you lay the foundation for a successful career start.

Our internationalisation strategy

People in Hamburg often joke that everything south of the Elbe is northern Italy. Of course, we're not really that narrow-minded. SRH Campus Hamburg aims to provide diverse and inclusive international higher education and research that opens up equal opportunities for all students, researchers and staff. With a mixed intercultural community that welcomes students from almost 100 different nations, the schools of the SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences offer a true global perspective.

The SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences maintains a close network with over 90 partner universities from Eastern Europe to North America. We encourage our students to study abroad, attend summer schools and complete internships. Our university staff in Hamburg, Berlin and Dresden come from over 20 different countries. Many have studied or worked abroad or are simply interested in an international cooperation.

At the Global Cooperation Institute we coordinate our projects with cooperation partners from all over the world, work on the expansion of our international partner network and fill our internationalisation strategy with life.
Kirsten Matthes, SRH Berlin Head of Global Cooperation Institute