Our Postgraduate studies

The perfect start to your career

If you're looking to launch a national or international career, a Master’s degree in Hamburg will serve as a gateway to the world. Postgraduate studies in the field of management, IT, logistics and health management offer perfect opportunities to successfully enter the labour market.

Your postgraduate studies in Hamburg

More and more students opt for a Master’s degree after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree. In doing so, they radically increase their career prospects. A Master’s degree can help you move up to management positions faster as well as offering higher pay.

Postgraduate studies at SRH Campus Hamburg will allow you to specialise in your field of interest and acquire additional expertise, enhancing future career options. Expand your knowledge and experience in professional and transferable skills such as analytical reasoning, critical thinking and teamwork. Depending on the programme, you will have the chance to spend a semester abroad and develop contacts for your future career.

At SRH Hamburg, you'll study according to the CORE Principle that combines the acquisition of competencies and skills with the joy of learning. We firmly believe that only those who have the desire to learn and do so on their own initiative can excel and take on responsibilities in their future career.

The CORE Principle

At SRH Campus Hamburg Our postgraduate studies

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