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The CORE Principle

Competence-Oriented Research and Education

Competence-Oriented Research and Education (CORE) is at the heart of our teaching. The CORE Principle combines the acquisition of competencies and skills with the joy of learning. Only those who are committed to learning and do so on their own initiative can excel and take on responsibility in their career.

Innovative and individual

The CORE Principle at SRH Campus Hamburg

Based on the CORE Principle, all learning objectives, forms of examination as well as teaching and learning methods are aligned. The aim is to make learning as fun and successful as possible. We firmly believe that this requires space for ideas, experimenting, game-based learning and critical thinking. The courses are designed to incorporate these elements into your studies.

  • Working in 5-week blocks with practical exercises in small groups: Instead of getting lost in a maze of subjects, you'll focus on a maximum of three subjects simultaneously within a 5-week block.
  • Assessing the subject matter of the previous weeks: Our timetable is deliberately designed to avoid too many exams within a short period of time. Prove your capabilities in one of the various forms of examinations – from classic exams to learning diaries – that suits the subject best.
  • Regular feedback throughout your studies: During your studies you can always rely on our professional, personal, and organisational advice. Qualified mentors are at your side right from the start. We offer skills workshops, individual coaching, and competent advice by our Career Service.
  • Outstanding support from your lecturers: We at SRH Campus Hamburg don’t believe in chalk-and-talk methods when it comes to learning. Instead, our lecturers are more like personal mentors. With their help you will not only acquire expert knowledge and methods, but also hone your personal and social skills.
  • A flexible study framework based on your needs: The CORE Principle gives you time to expand your knowledge in the specialisation blocks, to catch up on exams or to gain practical experience.
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Our Principles

Guiding the way: You won’t find mere chalk-and-talk teaching at SRH Campus Hamburg. Our lecturers are like personal mentors who will help you acquire expertise and hone your people and professional skills. To achieve this, we maintain an open communication.

No fear of making mistakes: As we put emphasis on experience-based learning, we allow and even encourage trial and error. Studying here is not always a question of being right or wrong, but first and foremost about testing your abilities and getting to know one another. At SRH Campus Hamburg, you don’t learn for the professors or the examination office, but primarily for your own projects and your entire (professional) life.

Learning for the professional world: You don’t have to do countless internships after you graduate. Practical teamwork on real projects with partner companies will prepare you for the professional world. You will also develop social skills such as the ability to accept criticism, to think outside the box and to solve problems creatively – that’s exactly what employers expect from their employees today. After graduation, you will not only have your certificate and project references for your curriculum vitae, but also confidence in your own strengths.

Customised exams: According to the SRH Constructive Alignment, we will always consider which skills you really need for your job and which types of exams will help you to successfully demonstrate these abilities. That’s why we don’t just use classic forms of examination such as written exams or presentations. Instead, we offer about thirty different types of exams to choose from such as portfolios, presentations, project work, case work, and many more.

Being a higher education provider means continuously striving to improve our teaching and learning methods whilst creating agile, state-of-the-art study spaces. It is of the essence that our students learn in a competence-oriented manner.
Prof. Jörg Winterberg, CEO of SRH Higher Education and CORE founder