SRH Campus Hamburg

Factory visit at Mercedes in Bremen

An experience report by Deepak Nagajaran

The Factory visit to Mercedes Benz started with an overview of the company’s history and its production line layout spread across in the city of Bremen. It provided us with the real-world exposure to Automotive Manufacturing that we have fantasized about, as it lays the foundation for Supply Chain Management.

The trip encompassed an inspection of the automotive manufacturing assembly process, and we witnessed the cutting-edge technology of one of the world's best car manufacturers. This manufacturing facility showcases the various stages of production and the technology of the Automotive Manufacturing process, which further clarified a relevant subject for our students: ‘process fragmentation’.

Observation of the quality control measures during the production process is the benchmark for an Industry that is supplementary for students to observe and implement in their future work environment.

This experience has helped us bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application in the sophisticated Manufacturing Environment. It has encouraged and motivated us to develop a knowledgeable mindset with reference to quality, cost and time dedicated to the process, which are vital criteria in Supply Chain Management. The latest technologies used in material handling systems are significant for the process of Industry 4.0, which is also a key topic within our curriculum.

The Industrial visit concluded with the topic of operational efficiency and logistical challenges in high-volume Automotive Manufacturing, explained expertly by Professor Axel Werner

Prof. Dr. Axel Werner

Professor for Supply Chain Management