SRH Campus Hamburg

A world electrified by renewable energy

Guest Lecture with Romana Hartke, Senior Business Development Manager at “Mainstream Renewable Power”

For our students of the master programme International Business and Leadership with focus on Sustainability, a particularly exciting and future-oriented guest lecture was on the agenda last week.   

Romana Hartke, from Mainstream Renewable Power, a subsidiary of Aker Horizons, not only introduced the company, but also gave deep insights into current projects, showed real pitches and described to the students how incredibly far-reaching and versatile renewable energy and green technologies are.  

We've all heard of renewable energy, but what do projects like this actually look like in terms of implementation, which parties are involved, which countries does such a company cooperate with, and what are the biggest obstacles?  

Aker Horizons has set itself the task of guiding the planet as a "positive developer" towards more green energy and green industries. Due to global trends such as digitalization, health and healthy living in general, as well as the high demand for energy, MRP has made it its mission to achieve the politically set climate targets through decarbonization. As a leading independent renewable energy player, with a global footprint and a proven track record in onshore and offshore wind and solar power, MRP is located across Europe, South America, Asia and Africa and is connected with different professionals from the practice, as well as politicians of the individual countries. 

Our master participants had the unique opportunity to directly ask critical questions and discuss their comments with Mrs. Hartke and to take away important impulses for their further studies.  

We would like to thank Romana Hartke very much for her time and are happy that we, as SRH Campus Hamburg, have been able to learn insights from such exciting projects. 

Dr. Jill A. Küberling-Jost

Lecturer for Strategic Marketing, Corporate Governance and Business Ethics