SRH Campus Hamburg

SRH Campus Hamburg hosted first graduation ceremony

SRH congratulate brand-new graduates in 2022.

The students and staff off SRH campus Hamburg celebrated the first graduation ceremony on 14th of November 2022. The event was kicked off with the welcome Speech by Sabine Westermann, Campus Director who had accompanied the students since their admission in summer 2020 until their final day in the graduation ceremony. She highlighted on their motivation and focus despite the difficult times of the pandemic, thanked them for their cooperation and congratulated them for their exception performance and timely conclusion of their studies.

Following this, Prof. Dr. Cordelia Friesendorf, the Academic Head provided insights into the business and career world expectations and briefed on how to navigate these in practical approach with good humor and team spirit as the basis. SRH’s Berlin University of Applied Sciences President Prof. Dr. Victoria Büsch gave a festive speech that motivated and inspired students to look back proudly on their master’s journey and look boldly into the future.

The cohort’s best student performer gave an excellent and inspiring speech on the challenging yet rewarding path and varied experiences of an international student in Germany that contributed to his learning and growing as a young individual and his appreciation of success.

Prof. Dr. Farzaneh Zoghi, Program Head of M.A. International Business and Leadership gave her speech with specialization and thesis details on each student and awarded the master’s degree to our first graduates. The award ceremony was followed by photo shooting of our graduates with their families and friends. The event ended with a reception with snacks and drinks in a cosy evening ambience.

All of us at SRH congratulate our brand-new graduates in 2022!

Fotos by Nadine Müller Photography

Prof. Dr. Cordelia Friesendorf

Academic Director SRH Campus Hamburg, Professor for International Business Administration