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Appointment of professorship to Dr. Axel Werner

Vergabe der Professur: Dr. Axel Werner wird Professor für Supply Chain Management am SRH Campus Hamburg. Von Prof. Dr. Victoria Büsch, Präsidentin der SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences, hat er die Urkunde verliehen bekommen.

Moin & Welcome, Prof. Dr. Axel Werner!

The Doctor of Engineering has been enriching his students’ time at SRH Campus Hamburg for a couple of semesters already, with his extensive expertise as well as his long-time, international work experience.

Since winter semester 2021/22, Prof. Dr. Axel Werner is head of the Supply Chain Management department and thereby incorporates his interest for the combination of research and practice. He shares this interest with a lot of joy and passion with his students, to transfer his knowledge, and to prepare them for their future working environment.

More about "Supply Chain Management"

“At Campus Hamburg I am especially looking forward to pass on my acquired knowledge of 30 years, and to experience the student’s moment of enlightenment.”

Prof. Dr. Axel Werner
President Prof. Dr. Victoria Büsch (from left), Prof. Dr. Axel Werner and University Director Sabine Westermann.