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COVID-19: 3G control via QR code at SRH Campus Hamburg

With the QR code system at the SRH Campus Hamburg we check the 3G status in our courses easily and uncomplicated. Scan, check in and study safely!

3G control via QR code at SRH Campus Hamburg

At SRH Campus Hamburg, the safety of our students is very important to us! Therefore, we have introduced a QR system to control 3G regulation within the COVID-19 standards. We are happy that it works so well in the first weeks and especially that our students are so cooperative.

Here's how it works: at the door to your course room, you scan the QR code posted there. With the link behind it, you check in to the room and confirm your 3G status. At the end of the course, you will be checked out again.

Just a reminder for our international students who have just arrived and are not yet vaccinated: You can get tested at some centers near campus.

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Sabine Westermann

Head of SRH Campus Hamburg +49 40 334656-412