The CORE principle

Learn skills with CORE - that's what the SRH university network stands for. Your personal development and your competences are the focus of your studies.

With the introduction of our innovative teaching and learning model, the CORE principle (Competence Oriented Research and Education), we are responding to new educational and market requirements. CORE puts the development of our students' competences at the centre of our didactic approach. CORE is implemented in all our study programmes and increases employability in international markets. An agile, motivating and innovative learning culture is both a prerequisite and a result of CORE. In cooperation with our industry partners and students, we create the best possible learning environment and continue to develop as a learning organisation.

Start your job well prepared The CORE principle and the 4 pillars of competence

The CORE principle is divided into 4 pillars:

  • Thanks to the course content, you acquire professional skills. You know how to link knowledge, understand theories, master the specific language and recognise context.
  • You train your social skills, so you know how to work in a goal- and result-oriented manner and in a team.
  • Methodological skills: You know how to use the acquired strategies efficiently and you apply relevant techniques depending on the situation.
  • You acquire self-competence in order to organise yourself, you know how to act professionally and responsibly and you have the ability to self-reflect.



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