SRH Higher Education

Excellence and Efficiency

At SRH Campus Hamburg, we are offering a porfolio of popular study programmes from various SRH universities.

SRH Higher Education GmbH is one of the leading private university providers in Germany with 7 universities, a total of 150 study programmes and more than 14,000 students. SRH Higher Education offers its students an innovative skill-based academic approach and professional study programmes. We aim to prepare our students for future roles in business and society and enable them to address the challenges of the future in a sustainable manner.



Skills and Innovation

The House of Universities

The institutions of the House of Universities offer innovative teaching and learning concepts. We develop new methods and systems and focus on active, hands-on learning with a high degree of flexibility while responding to the increasing complexity of economic and social development.

Knowledge is retrievable, knowledge is not just factual knowledge. Above all, knowledge also means ability. Our students develop individual skills and know how to apply them in real business cases. We provide our universities with suitable, future-oriented strategies, concepts and methods. We place ourselves at the forefront of private university sponsorship in Germany and take the lead in quality and innovation.

Master offer