Our university network

Founded in 1966, SRH is a leading provider of educational and health-care services. It operates private universities, training centres, schools and hospitals. 14,000 SRH employees serve 1.1 million educational customers and patients per year and generate a turnover of €1 billion. The group of companies is owned by SRH Holding, a non-profit foundation based in Heidelberg

University Board

Our University Board is responsible for the professional development of the university.

Members of the Board

  • Dr. Erik Bertram, Head of Design Operations and Services at SAP
  • Wolfgang Grenke, Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Grenke AG, President of the Chamber of Commerce of the federal state Baden-Württemberg
  • Philipp Hartmann, Co-Founder Rheingau Founders
  • Prof. Dr. Christof Hettich, CEO of SRH
  • Andrea Peters, CEO, media:net berlinbrandenburg e. V.
  • Tankred Schipanski, MP, digital affairs spokesman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group
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