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37th Ladies Logistics Lounge hosted by SRH Campus Hamburg

Finally back in presence: first meeting of Ladies Logistic Lounge members in post-Covid times.

Prof. Dr. Cordelia Friesendorf and Sabine Westermann of SRH Campus Hamburg hosted the 37th Ladies Logistics Lounge (LLL) organized by Dr. Britta Kahlfuss, Managing Director of BeraCom. In her welcome speech, Dr. Kahlfuss noted that this event was special since it was the first get-together of the LLL members in post-covid times. She deliberated on LLL’s goals of bringing women leaders together to work on key issues in the logistics sector. 

Following a brief introduction to the SRH by Sabine Westermann, Prof. Dr. Cordelia Friesendorf gave a keynote speech titled ‘The German Supply Chain Act – the CEO’s dream or nightmare?’ Covering the broader ESG/EU Taxonomy context and motivation of the Act, she discussed aspects of the legal framework, government expectations, company consequences and foreseen sanctioning mechanisms. Prof. Dr. Friesendorf made clear that a successful implementation can only be carried out as a strategic exercise by the CEO. Towards this, the LLL participants were divided into two workshop groups of Strategic Management and Tactical Implementation to comprehend and develop compliance frameworks. In conclusion, the workshop results were summarized, final questions clarified, and the event closed with a lively networking session.

Prof. Dr. Friesendorf and Dr. Kahlfuss thank all participants namely, Christine Beine, Rebekka Blut, Mariam Bryl, Katja Diembeck, Heike Fürst, Britta Gülland, Meral Koc, Eva-Maria Krüger, Carolin Künn, Michaela Neubauer, Julia Rauh, Ute Sachau-Böhmert, Dr.-Ing, Ariane Sievers, Kristina Töpfer, Katrin Wehn und Christine Wenzel for making this event a success. We also thank our colleague Maria Terra Samaniego for the excellent support and preparation. We look forward to our next ventures with all members of the LLL! 

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